Privacy Policy

Marubeni Growth Capital Asia Ptd. Ltd. (the “Company”) is aware that proper management and protection of personal information collected from customers are its important responsibility in the course of conducting its businesses and services. In order to fulfill its responsibility, the Company will handle personal information pursuant to the privacy policy stated below.

1. Compliance with laws, etc.

The Company recognizes that proper management of personal information is a part of its compliance activity. In complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the guideline of the Personal Information Protection Commission, the Company will establish internal regulations concerning handling of personal information and other internal rules, and fully disseminate the importance among officers and employees.

2. Management structure

The Company will appoint a personal information manager who is responsible for control over the management and operation of personal information. Through such appointment, the Company will establish a structure to properly manage personal information.

3. Collection of personal information

When the Company collects personal information, it will, in advance, specify the purpose of use , and clearly state, notify or announce to the person of such purpose. When information collected is considered to be special care-required personal information, the Company will obtain persons’ consent.

Collection of personal information from visitors to this website

  • Cookies and web beacons
    Our website may use cookies and web beacons to help us understand the usage of our website services, so that we can improve and offer services more suited to the interests and needs of the users. Cookies are also used to deliver advertisements to users who have visited our website in the past, by using the services of advertisement distributors. The cookies and web beacons will not collect personally identifiable information, or have negative effects on the user’s computer. Users can choose to disable cookies by changing their browser settings.

  • SSL
    All pages of our website, including the inquiry form, use the Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) encryption technology for enhanced security.

  • Obtaining logs
    This website tracks user information recorded in an access log. This includes users’ IP addresses, browser type, number of accesses and other related details, but not any information that can identify a person. The Company will never use the access log for any purpose other than for statistics and analysis on how the site is being utilized.

4. Use of personal information

The Company may use the collected personal information only within the scope of the purpose of use clearly stated, notified or announced in advance, or to the extent that the information is deemed to be related to the stated purpose of use . Any change in the purpose of use will be made by obtaining persons’ prior consent.

5. Provision of personal information to third parties

The Company will never provide or disclose personal information to third parties without persons’ prior consent except in cases permitted under laws and regulations. However, such provision may be made to third parties (except for overseas parties) through an opt-out scheme.

6. Third-party modules

Third-party modules are used on our website to help us understand the usage of our website services, and for purposes such as delivering advertisements. The modules used on this website are listed below. The analytics provider uses cookies or similar technologies to collect and process information on our website usage. The information collected by the analytics providers will be handled according to each company’s privacy policy.


7. Joint use of personal information

The Company may jointly use the collected personal information as follows:

  1. Personal data details that will be used jointly Company name, department, job title, name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address
  2. Scope of joint users The Company and Marubeni Corporation (collectively referred to as the “Company’s”).
  3. Purpose of use for entities using personal information The purpose of use must be consistent with the business of the Company’s.
  4. Entity responsible for management of personal data that is used jointly Marubeni Growth Capital Asia Ptd. Ltd.

8. Management of personal information

The Company will strive to keep the collected personal information accurate and up to date, and properly manage personal information by taking appropriate security measures to prevent it from being accessed by an unauthorized person, lost, destroyed, altered, leaked, etc. In the event that the Company handles personal data in a foreign country, the Company will take necessary and appropriate measures for the safe control of personal data, based on an understanding of the systems, etc., for the protection of personal information in that foreign country.

9. Notice, disclosure, correction/addition,/deletion, discontinuance of utilization,/erasure,/discontinuance of third party provision, etc. of the purpose of use for personal information

The Company will properly respond to any request by customers regarding notice of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction/addition,/deletion, discontinuance of utilization,/erasure,/discontinuance of third party provision, etc., with respect to personal information held by the Company or records on third party provision of such personal information, after verifying the identity of the requester, and pursuant to laws and ordinances.


The Company will review this policy periodically through further efforts to improve the protection of personal information.

Established: August 1, 2022

Last Revised: August 1, 2022

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Takafumi Nakano

Taka has nearly 10 years of investment management experience including 4 years as a controller at Marubeni’s power service business based in Atlanta, USA. He has been involved with start-up investments as part of Marubeni’s corporate venture capital team and in monitoring investments in venture capital funds in Singapore. His educational background is in economics and accounting.

He is a Financial Planning & Controls Manager based in Singapore.

"True value is not just what you receive, but by what you leave behind. Let’s work together to build and scale better businesses for the next generation."

Vivian Ha

Vivian has nearly 20 years of private equity investing and audit experience in Vietnam, and has overseen investments across sectors, such as consumer goods, retail, food services, airlines and agriculture. Her involvement in the boards of various investee companies to formulate growth strategy and implement value creation initiatives gives her the experience to be a great sounding board and advisor to founders, entrepreneurs and management teams.

She is a Senior Vice President based in Vietnam.

“With our evergreen platform, we bring long-term value-aligned capital, on-going strategic and operational support, and the Marubeni global network and industry expertise. This enables our partners to unlock their full growth potential and scale their business. I am keen to be a part of their success stories over the next decade.”

Natsuo Ogasawara

Natsuo has 15 years’ experience in infrastructure investment and management, business development and corporate VC globally at Marubeni Corporation. He brings hands-on operational and managerial expertise through investment and involvement in several projects. He has leveraged this experience for business development in new growth areas, particularly financial inclusion in South East Asia. He has also been involved in investments in early stage start-ups based in Silicon Valley.

He is an Associate based in Singapore.

“The power to dream. That is my investment thesis. The power to achieve. That is my core offering. No matter how technologies and business models evolve, I believe growth is always driven by those “powers” fuelled by founders and evangelists. What are you dreaming about in and beyond your business? I want to be part of it.”

Mark Lim

Mark has 15 years of experience in private equity, special situations investing and investment banking, having worked in New York, Houston, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has been involved in investments across the consumer, healthcare, and energy sectors in South East Asia and various other markets. Mark leverages his diverse investing experience and domain expertise to advise companies and entrepreneurs on strategy, M&A, capital raising, governance and various improvement initiatives.

He is a Senior Vice President based in Singapore.

“We are in the early innings of a long period of significant growth in South East Asia, buoyed by numerous tailwinds. As South East Asia continues to rise in this global economy, I am excited to back companies with a true competitive advantage and partner with passionate entrepreneurs and management teams to support them in their growth journey.”

Jason Tabalujan

Jason has over 17 years of professional experience, having worked for 5 years in New York and the past 12 years in Jakarta. His investment experience spans the capital structure, from private equity to private credit and a range of industry sectors including consumer, media and entertainment, financial services and retail. He brings a hands-on approach to investing and has been actively involved with portfolio companies. He is passionate about sharing insights and knowledge with founders, family groups and the exciting next generation of entrepreneurs to help their businesses scale and create value together.

He is a Senior Vice President & Country Lead based in Jakarta.

“Consumer demand will not only grow but also shift. Business leaders that are able to leverage global trends and navigate local markets effectively will be successful. Investing and working together with management teams in well-positioned, scalable platforms will be highly rewarding.”

Edward Chai

Edward has worked in public and private equity investing, globally and in South East Asia, for 3 years. His background in economics and his time at Khazanah managing an ASEAN public equity portfolio gives him a good understanding of the macro economics of the region and consumer growth sectors.

He is an Analyst based in Singapore.

“South East Asia is a diverse region with a wide range of opportunities, I am excited to have the opportunity to deliver a direct impact to our portfolio companies and participate in the growth story of the region, driven by the next generation of consumers."

Coco Tay

Coco has worked in private and public equity for about 5 years, mostly on investments across South East Asia, focusing on the consumer goods, food & beverage, logistics, and finance sectors. This includes operational experience with portfolio companies in the consumer space. She has also lived in China for many years and often recognizes early trends that may travel to South East Asia. With a background in material sciences and accounting, Coco has the analytical abilities, the capacity for creative problem-solving, and the business acumen to support entrepreneurs and businesses in their expansion.

She is an Associate based in Singapore.

“South East Asia will be the engine of growth in developing Asia going forward. Our objective is to unearth diamonds in the rough and support these businesses that will be the champions of industries in the future.”

Cheng Liang Chua

Cheng Liang has 6 years of private equity experience, where he focused on the consumer and retail sector in Asia and supported portfolio companies in the region. Having also worked at Diageo previously, Cheng Liang leverages his familiarity with latest consumer trends and spending behaviour to spot high-potential companies and help founders realise their growth ambitions.

He is a Vice President based in Singapore.

“Working alongside visionary entrepreneurs who strive endlessly to improve the lives of their consumers has always been incredibly inspiring. It is a privilege to partner up with high-potential consumer businesses to resolve the roadblocks on their growth journey.”

Bharat Sarma

Bharat is an experienced private equity investor. He has led many investments across South East Asia, India and other markets, in consumer products, food and beverage, retail and services sectors. This helps him leverage past experiences and industry knowledge, connect people across various networks, and be a board and strategic advisor to entrepreneurs and companies in building their businesses.

He is a President & Senior Managing Director based in Singapore.

“We are in an age in South East Asia and South Asia where amazing consumer businesses will be built and transformed over the next 10-20 years. Backing these high growth companies, working with the founders, bringing the advantages of our unique platform to them, and seeing them become industry defining leaders is highly satisfying.”